• 📺 The Sandman is out today. The comics were a big deal for me as a teenager, so I’m really rather looking forward tot his.

  • I’ve not seen a red weather warning before 😮

  • Amazon’s being weird again.

  • Maybe it’s the baggage I carry from growing up in Northern Ireland, but plastering the Union Flag over every single thing feels like overcompensating for a desperate insecurity.

  • Waiting outside the older boy’s swimming lesson and the coffee machine is broken 😩

  • Well, it’s not wrong.

  • I’ve been looking at email services to maybe get away from gmail, and I remembered how years ago it was of Utmost Importance that I get a notification the Very Second something hit my mailbox.

    What a way to live. I’m older now, and in at least this one thing I’m slightly wiser.

  • I spent £100 putting unleaded in the car today. That’s not much fun.

    Makes me even more glad we don’t drive as much these days.

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