• Craster Harbour, towards Dunstanburgh Castle made tiny by the phonecam.

  • Watching our youngest (nearly nine) working in Roblox Studio is reminding me of my days noodling in 3D Construction Kit.

  • “Boss! Boss! I know how we can sell more window blinds!”

  • I suppose Facebook does provide the opportunity for the racists to show themselves for what they are. Is that a benefit?

  • I must stop looking at Facebook. It always leaves me raging at some racist I thought I had respect for.

  • How do they rise up?


  • This is not a bug, but a memory use optimization.

  • Our children just Do Not Get spoiler etiquette.

  • Looks like a solid list of Hugo finalists: conzealand.nz/about/exp…

    Genuinely includes some of my favourite things I’ve read in the last year or so.

  • For the days we’re in, “kick at the darkness ‘til it bleeds daylight.” www.youtube.com/watch

  • Marvelling at how, for our family, our friends and our neighbourhood, WhatsApp and Zoom have quickly become vital infrastructure.

  • “Somewhere in the darkness, the gambler he broke even.”

  • The time has come to introduce the eldest to KotOR.

  • Remote working life: when, on a video call with your boss, you take a massive cramp in your thigh, yelp, and topple out of sight.

  • In the bakery this morning, I asked for a slice of Battenberg to have after my lunch. The lady misheard me and rang up the whole cake. Being me, a wuss, I didn’t correct her.

    I count this a win 🍰

  • Happy National Self-Own Day, UK 😞

  • Had a moment and bought the boys a cheap looper pedal. I don’t regret it yet.

  • I have opinions on the Honours system. My opinions are conflicting and not completely internally consistent. Yes, the basic premise of the whole thing sucks (we, the powerful, choose to honour you, the not-powerful), and the trappings of Empire that the whole thing is wrapped up in are terrible.

    But leaving as absurd the perennial abuse of the whole idea by the Oxford PPEs who want to scratch the backs of their buddies, that leaves the communities who use it as a way to publicly thank the nurse, the librarian, the social worker, the doctor, the young fundraiser or activist, the person making the world better for those around them, and then to see that thanks broadcast nationally.

    More power to the celebrities and others who turn the things down, but please don’t let that detract from the communities who choose to thank and honour their own, even in a broken, archaic, iniquitous system.

    And yes, we should find a better way of doing this.

  • 🎧 When both boys have new guitars 😱

  • I’ve been to the cinema twice this weekend. Of the two films I’ve seen, wouldn’t you know, the one written and directed by Rian Johnson is by far the better.

    Knives Out is a real treat. You should watch it. 🎬

  • Just a handful of days left in 2019, and I’m only now discovering John Mayer’s version of Bold as Love 😮😎🤯

  • Having been shopping for my sons’ Christmas gifts, it seems that these days you can get a whole lot of guitar for not that much money—much more so than the last time I shopped seriously for an instrument.

    I’ve just about managed to not buy myself something, too. Just about.

  • Turns out that if I put a # character in a title, it confuses the crap out of Jekyll and mistitles the blog post 👍

  • Campaign for it to be customary for the owner of the trees to come and rake the leaves that fall in my back garden.

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