• Just finished Stranger Things 3. Now I’m waiting for my eyes to stop leaking 🥺

  • Hi to the mother who dropped her kids off to school with the instruction to “Dominate at school today! Shimmer and shine! Sparkle!”

  • I can hear my son downstairs videoing himself playing his Grade 1 Rock Guitar songs. Not going to lie, it’s pretty cool.

    Although I’m still trying to get used to the idea of graded exams for rock guitar.

  • One more sleep.

  • I didn’t even know floating solar was a thing. twitter.com/MikeHudem…

  • “Dad, back then was it a luxury to have windows?”

    “… Back when?”

    “When you were a kid.”

  • Jeepers, it’s getting warm ☀️

  • Three weeks without lifting a bow and nursing a sore back, I wasn’t expecting much today. I managed the third 1st Class score I needed to achieve, though, which is nice. That’ll be another badge for the quiver 👍

  • If I remember the dates right, it’s three years today since we moved back to the UK from Toronto 🇨🇦🛫🛬🇬🇧

  • That (mixed) feeling when weeks of work is represented by one short line in the release notes.

  • Total agreement with this. Being interrupted, switching contexts… That’s working in a team. Yes, it has effects, but that’s part of the job. Don’t be precious about it. twitter.com/janeruffi…

  • Pool empty and lessons cancelled after someone… polluted the environment.

  • I have yet to accidentally set anything on fire today. That’s an improvement on other days this week. 🔥

  • Slightly tempted to shift my blog from Jekyll to Hugo just so that I don’t have to fiddle with dependencies on my CI service when I publish a post every 6-12 months.

  • We could count the ways this is funny.


  • 📚 This evening I read Tade Thompson’s The Murders of Molly Southbourne. Wow. That really was something. If you like short, sweet and creepy, give it a look.

  • Jeremy’s been watching Logan’s Run again.


  • Well, hello there, new Divine Comedy album. I didn’t know about you.

  • I read this going, “Yup… Yup… Yup…”

    When programmers’ string opinions meet the Real World™.


  • All the websites that republish StackOverflow content surrounded by their own ads and clog up the search engine listings. They are a pox on the internet.

  • Sits in a little metal tube for an hour, sharing the air with 80 other people. Gets sick. ✅

  • Contemplating those going for the Tory leadership. Rory Stewart seems to have a history of being Actually Useful and Not An Arsehole.

    He hasn’t a hope of getting the job 😞

  • Leaving the house before 6 is much less painful when it’s daylight.

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