• I’m not usually all that cynical about signature instruments, and there are some crackers out there. I’m not so sure when the artist is, you know, dead. guitar.com/news/gear…

    See also Gibson’s recent Hendrix models.

  • I am pleased by the new Dune trailer. youtu.be/8g18jFHCL…

  • I don’t know why I’m only discovering Cory Wong now. Some of those live shows on YouTube are πŸ”₯

    See www.youtube.com/watch and www.youtube.com/watch

    Also there’s www.youtube.com/watch 😎

  • It was bound to happen. I just dipped a pen in my mug of tea instead of putting it in my pen mug.

  • Back on the new Greta Van Fleet album this afternoon. That’s the stuff right there.

  • Youngest told me today I should make videos for YouTube of me playing guitar.

    Parenting achievement unlocked?

  • Met a man with a ferret standing outside a coffee shop this afternoon. We are in Yorkshire, after all.

  • When the embargo expires and all the guitarists on YouTube publish their video of the new Fender within moments of each other.

  • It’s Friday and I have tea.

  • YouTube just served up a reminder of why Nuno remains my favourite guitarist: www.youtube.com/watch

  • Four people in this house, today, all either working or schooling from home. And at one point everyone was talking on their own call. It gets loud.

  • Naming things remains hard.

  • Pianist on YouTube records Piano Man to hit the opening line right at 9 o’clock on a Saturday πŸ˜‚


  • I took a notion for an egg and onion sandwich, so my lunch tasted of christenings, the evening party at a wedding, and funerals.

  • I, a software guy needing to make holes in a brick wall, have been introduced to the concept of an SDS drill. I had no idea there was such a thing.

    It’s amazing the difference the right tool for the job can make.

  • I admire my children’s ability to be at each other’s throats one minute and be best of friends the next. I tend to bear a grudge more than that.

    Of course, they go back to fighting again just as quickly 😁

  • About to attempt to fill my own tooth. 🀞🏻It only has to last three weeks.

  • And the snow turns to rain 😞

  • I may have turned 40 not that long ago, but seeing snow falling outside still gets me giddy.

  • TIL that when the kids are “working on their YouTube” they don’t appreciate me blasting AC/DC while I’m doing the dishes. πŸ”Š

  • My brain is weird sometimes. I look at pictures like this one and my first thought is to wonder whether they got all those cabinets with wee drawers in there at once in advance, or was it one at a time as they needed to expand? And if so, how long did it take to get an additional cabinet approved?

    “Aww, lads. We need another set of wee drawers in here.”

  • It’s a great album. I’ve been listening to it all day.


  • Tonight our big watch through the MCU with the boys reached Doctor Strange. I do enjoy that one, even with its problems.

  • This is cool: 7-colour e-ink display for a Raspberry Pi.

    I can think of a bunch of things to do with this that I’ll never get around to 😢

  • This story on tor.com is right up my street. I loved it. And apparently there are more to come.


    www.tor.com/2020/11/1… πŸ“š

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