• 📺 The Sandman is out today. The comics were a big deal for me as a teenager, so I’m really rather looking forward tot his.

  • I’ve not seen a red weather warning before 😮

  • Amazon’s being weird again.

  • Maybe it’s the baggage I carry from growing up in Northern Ireland, but plastering the Union Flag over every single thing feels like overcompensating for a desperate insecurity.

  • Waiting outside the older boy’s swimming lesson and the coffee machine is broken 😩

  • Grass cuttin’ time 🤧

  • I realised today that my one trip to WWDC in person was ten years ago. That was a fun trip, but I’m perfectly happy catching up on the news from a distance.

  • Well, it’s not wrong.

  • 📺 Finally got to the first couple of episodes of Stranger Things S4 last night. I stayed up too late having only intended to watch one. Those Duffers know how to pull you in.

    It’s very good. Goes harder on the creepy side of horror this time. Definitely a darker feel.

  • I’ve been looking at email services to maybe get away from gmail, and I remembered how years ago it was of Utmost Importance that I get a notification the Very Second something hit my mailbox.

    What a way to live. I’m older now, and in at least this one thing I’m slightly wiser.

  • I spent £100 putting unleaded in the car today. That’s not much fun.

    Makes me even more glad we don’t drive as much these days.

  • 🍿 The boys have selected Pacific Rim for this evening’s movie. Excellent choice 👍🏻

  • 🍿 First cinema trip since before COVID. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was… pretty disappointing, really.

  • 🎵 I’ve put some Journey on for the afternoon. Which always makes me think of Scrubs, but there you go.

  • 🎵 I don’t remember hearing this song covered before. I like this a lot: music.apple.com/gb/album/…

  • The haggis is in the oven.

  • 🎵 Yesterday evening, a friend introduced me to the music of Laurel Premo. This is gorgeous: laurelpremo.bandcamp.com/album/gol…

    And happy new year!

  • At 41 years old, when something is delivered and you look at the shipping box and say, “That’s a good box. I should keep that box.”

  • That thing where you open the AWS console and the whole infrastructure is gone and you don’t know what’s happening and you panic and then you realise that for some reason it opened in a different region to the one you’re normally in and actually everything is fine.

  • My son told me I’m playing my music too loud.

    Isn’t it supposed to be me telling him that? I think I must be parenting wrong.

  • 📺 Cowboy Bepop and Hellbound have both dropped on Netflix, Wheel of Time has hit Prime, and I’ve finally started into the What We Do In The Shadows series. Yet here I am with a life that requires things other than watching all this TV.

  • 🎵 This afternoon I have taken a notion for Pocket Full of Kryptonite music.apple.com/gb/album/…

  • YouTube has started recommending me videos on Dunning-Kruger. I’m a little concerned the algorithm is trying to tell me something.

  • This morning I am listening to Regina Spektor singing No Surprises on repeat. www.youtube.com/watch

  • If you ever hear me say the words, “It should just work,” please give me your most withering look. 🖥

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